Become a pilates trainer

the pilates studio is delighted to now offer an extensive teacher training program to become a certified classical Pilates instructor in cooperation with Pilates New York in Stuttgart (

Davorka Kulenovic-Bischoff, director of Pilates New York, has been training future teachers for nearly two decades. Her commitment to excellence and quality of teaching originates from the method she learned from Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates’ Protegée), which is as close to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates as is available anywhere in the world today.
Lucy and her team are fortunate enough to have completed their training at Davorka’s and regularly take part in workshops with top trainers from all over the world.

This rigorous training program focuses on hands-on instruction with students working alongside Davorka and Lucy and their teacher trainers.
The small group environment provides an in-depth and comprehensive training experience that guarantees ideal pre-conditions for a successful education.

They are looking forward to passing on their expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to future Pilates trainers.


The Pilates Teacher Certification Program starts with an initial phase of 10 private lessons.

This is followed by the required:
70 hours of private lessons
600 hours of apprenticeship (practical training)

In this intensive program the student learns:

  • All of the exercises on all of the apparatus: reformer, mat, chairs, barrels, cadillac, pedi-pole, and other auxiliary equipment.
  • How to teach: correct assisting and an efficient teaching style.
  • Under supervision: teaching clients, both in private lessons and group lessons.
  • Dealing with physical problems, and modifying the exercises for different body types and injuries.
  • After successful completion, being able to independently teach clients confidently at a high level.
  • Handling and care of the apparatus.

In addition, Pilates New York offers continuing education events several times a year with renowned international trainers.
These workshops cover a variety of themes. Students will deepen their knowledge of the method and learn how to create Pilates workout systems for different clients, e.g. how to deal with specific injuries or working with clients during and after pregnancy.


The training is divided into three stages: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. In each stage, the respective exercises are learned on all apparatus and on the mat in private lessons and during seminars.

Overall, the training is divided as follows:

70 private lessons consisting of
20 private lessons: Basic
20 private lessons: Intermediate
30 private lessons: Advanced

600 hours of apprenticeship
200 for Basic
200 for Intermediate
200 for Advanced

The apprenticeship entails between 5 to 25 hours of practical training per week: observing sessions and classes, assisting certified teachers, teaching clients and practicing with other students and on one’s own.

Summary of the three phases of training

Stage 1 (Basic):
20 private lessons
200 assistant/apprenticeship hours
midterm exam

Stage 2 (Intermediate):
20 private lessons
200 assistant/apprenticeship hours
midterm exam

Stage 3 (Advanced):
30 private lessons
200 assistant/apprenticeship hours
Final exam (certificate)


Practical exams (teaching and executing) are given at the completion of the basic, intermediate, and advanced stages.
Written exams are required at intermediate and advanced stages in order to receive final certification.


Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • General physical and mental health
  • Sporting ability and physical fitness
  • Adequate knowledge of anatomy
  • A sense of responsibility and emotional competence
  • Basic Pilates knowledge

An assessment by a teacher trainer is required for admission.

Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions of both the pilates studio, Frankfurt, and Pilates New York, Stuttgart, apply.

10 private lessons and 100 assistant hours must be paid in advance
Approximately 30 individual lessons and 200 assistant lessons are to be completed at Pilates New York in Stuttgart
The remaining hours at the pilates studio in Frankfurt
All exams are to be taken in Pilates New York in Stuttgart


70 private lessons: 10-class card á 700€                    4.900€
600 hours of assistance: 100 hours á 650€                3.900€
Total                                                                              8.800€


Please contact the studio if you are interested in becoming a trainer.