Intro Offers

  • 3 Privates
  • 199(66,33€ per class, valid 1 month from first visit)
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  • 3 Tower Classes
  • 99(33,00€ per lesson, valid 1 month from first visit)
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  • 4 Mat Classes (Online / In-studio)
  • 59(14,75€ per lesson, valid 1 month from first visit)
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What’s what?

  • Private lessons (one-on-one)
    Private session using a mix of apparatus: the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, High chair, Barrels and Mat. These classes are tailored to suit your needs and highly effective.
  • Duet lessons (one-on-two)
    Train with a friend or partner. Using the same principle as a private session, this class enables you to improve at the same pace as your partner, while still getting personalised experience. A similar level partner needed.
  • Tower Classes (5-6 Participants)
    Tower classes are based on the mat work, but add springs, the roll-down and push through bar to challenge, stretch, strengthen and sculpt. Before joining a tower class we recommend taking a few privates to get familiar with the apparatus. Not suitable for beginners.
  • Mat Classes
    Online and some classes offer limited spots in the studio. These classes are small and work through the Classical Pilates Mat work repertoire. For beginners – the class is focused on fundamentals such as learning about the muscle of the ‘Powerhouse’, breathing, alignment and technique. For more experienced Pilates clients – the class is more focused on flow, conditioning and stamina.


  • What is Pilates?
    Pilates is resistance training. We use the springs of the apparatus and our own bodyweight to develop a strong centre ‘powerhouse’ and condition the whole body.
  • I’ve never done Pilates before. What class should I take?
    Private lessons and beginner Mat classes are the foundation of your Pilates practice. We strongly advise taking the 3 Private Lessons Offer to start. You get our undivided attention, we can explain and guide you through what the Pilates terms are and you get to know the apparatus. If Private lessons are not in your budget,
    recruit a friend and try a Duet! If you still prefer to take a group class go for a beginner Mat class.
  • How often should I do Pilates?
    We recommend 2/3 times a week. However, once a week is better than nothing at all!
    We can help you create a schedule you can commit to, for example: one private, one tower and one online mat class. You will see better results by combining mat and apparatus work. Online mat classes are extremely convenient from the comfort of your own home. These classes are ideal as an addition to coming to the studio – a bit like homework 🙂
  • What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing free of buttons and zippers. Please wear sticky bottom socks, if you do not own sticky socks we have them for purchase at the front desk.
    at the studio. Please bring a large towel to cover your mat for Mat and Tower Classes.
  • I’m pregnant. Can I do Pilates?
    Yes! We are trained in Pre- (and Post-) natal Pilates. Expectant mothers can choose between Private and/or Duet-Lessons.
  • I have a shoulder/back/knee injury. Can I do Pilates?
    Yes, but only as long as you have the ok to do Pilates from your doctor. We know lots of modifications for different injuries and limitations. We highly recommend making an appointment for a Private lesson before joining group classes in order to learn how to modify exercises appropriately for your condition.
  • Can I park nearby?
    Yes, there is some parking on the street in front of the studio (for max. 60 min) or the closest car park is Karstadt. For public transport the closest stations are U and S-Bahn: Konstablerwache or Eschersheimer Tor.
  • Which trainer shall I go for?
    All of our team are highly trained professionals in classical Pilates. We are here to keep you focused on your goals and make your sessions the highlight of your week. It is also beneficial to try out different trainers or work with a combination, as one might focus more on precision, the other on stamina.