Lucy the Pilates trainer

I must admit, I was slightly reluctant to start a Pilates teacher training programme but as a ballet dancer nearing thirty, I needed to think of a sensible alternative to dancing professionally.

I knew as soon as I started training with Davorka Kulenovic ( that I was in excellent hands. Davorka was trained by Romana Kryzanowska, a Joseph Pilates protégé who was entrusted with his method. Whilst my training with Davorka in the original Pilates method was incredibly rigorous, with over 700 hours of observation, training and teaching, it was also immensely rewarding. We had the opportunity to work with a huge spectrum of clients from fit pensioners passionate about Pilates to injured professional dancers from the Stuttgart Ballet. Now, nearly ten years on and a certified Pilates trainer myself, I have another career that I love.

I’m fortunate to have exceptionally disciplined and dedicated clients who make teaching a lot of fun. I continue to learn everyday while helping clients and myself get stronger, more flexible and happier by using the Pilates method.

I am very lucky to have continued opportunities to further my study with numerous world class instructors; Jay Grimes, Alycea Ungaro, Lori Coleman Brown, Dorothee Vandewalle, Kathi Ross Nash and Chris Robinson to name but a few.

During my pregnancies, the Pilates method kept me strong and healthy and helped me to get back in shape quick. Now it gives me the mental power, physical strength and all over flexibility I need to juggle two small children, a buzzing family life and a thriving Pilates studio!

Lucy the dancer

Opportunities for young ballet dancers like me, growing up in Dublin in the 80s, were few and far between, so when Ludmilla Sakharova, director of the Russian “Perm Choreographic Institute’ came to Ireland to choose a handful of Irish girls to train at her prestigious school, I was thrilled to be selected. Although I was just fourteen years old, I was lucky that my parents realised this was a chance not to be missed.

My training in Perm was a challenging but wonderful experience and after graduating in 1994 with honours, I was offered a contract with the “Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, Russia” where I danced all the major classic ballet repertoires.

I then accepted a scholarship to continue my education with Marika Besobrasova at the “Academie de Danse Classique Princess Grace” in Monte Carlo. After receiving my Diplôme I went on to dance with companies all over the world; “L’Opera de Nice”, France, “Ontario Ballet Theatre”, Canada, “Theater Bonn”, Germany.

I was a founding member of “Ballet Ireland” and from 2001 formed part of their educational unit bringing the joy of dance to children from all over Ireland and the UK.

Since 2003 I have been based in Germany and cast in an array of wonderful musical productions; “Das Phantom der Oper” at the Palladium Theater in Stuttgart, “Anything Goes” and “My Fair Lady” at the National Theater in Mannheim and many more in theatres all over the country.

In 2008 I completed my ballet teacher training in the Vaganova Method with Ballettseminare, Stuttgart and have since been teaching both dance and Pilates to adults and children.

My hope is to inspire, encourage and give back to all my students what so many wonderful, dedicated and gifted teachers have shared with me.


Pilates Trainer

Yeonsim Oh

Sim is our newest member to the team. Sim found Pilates through a back injury and used it as a way to rehab, recover, and heal. She learned the numerous benefits that Pilates had for her mind, body, and spirit.
Sim has been working intensely in the studio as our studio manager and at the same time continuing her classical Pilates teacher training here and with with Davorka Kulenovic in Stuttgart.
Sim is a kind, caring and a dedicated trainer, she aims to provide her clients with a workout that is effective, challenging, and most importantly enjoyable!
Sim’s lessons are in German, English or Korean.

Pilates Trainer

Gilda Rebello

Gilda obtained her Peak Pilates Instructor Certificate in 2004 and has since taught extensively in various Pilates studios throughout Germany.

As an undergraduate, she had studied Kinesiology (as in applied biomechanics) and as a graduate student, she switched to dance. Her extensive career has seen her performing (among others) with Tanztheater Wuppertal and Folkwang Tanzstudio under Pina Bausch’s direction. Gilda also works as a choreographer. In 2018 Gilda received an MA – Master of Arts in Dance Education – from the HfMDK in Frankfurt.

As a teacher, Gilda will instantly put you at your ease, her lessons are fun yet effective. Her combined work in biomechanics and movement gives her a rich base from which to teach. She uses her expertise and prepares customised programs that address specific needs for each individual. She strengthens what is weak and challenges what is strong. Her goal is to develop a body that is more balanced, so that it can better serve the unique lifestyle of each person.

Pilates Trainer

Kerstin Saalabian

Kerstin discovered mat Pilates online during her studies as a way to stay fit during the semester to help her skills surfing on holidays. After moving to Frankfurt she had her first in person lesson with Lucy at the pilates studio and was hooked. Although Kerstin has a full time job as a pediatric surgeon she was so enthusiastic about the Pilates method that she decided to embark on a second career as a trainer. Through her own practice, she’s found a new level of flexibility and strength in her body and an appreciation for how Pilates can benefit everybody. She is excited to join the pilates studio team and looks forward to challenging you to reach your full potential.

Pilates Trainer

Sabrina Stein

Sabrina has been teaching dance, choreographing, and working as a musical performer and dancer for the last two decades. She is passionate about the joy and tremendous benefits that movement can bring. Sabrina likes to challenge you to reach your full potential and leads an energetic session that is very enjoyable and never boring.

Sabrina received her dance training at the Ballet Academy in Mannheim, Bird College of Theater Arts and Dance in London and at the Alvin Ailey School in New York. Since 2014 Sabrina has been certified as a Pilates mat trainer by Davorka Kulenovic-Bischoff in the “Pilates Method of Body Conditioning” and is a member of the Deutsche Pilates Verband.